Marita Kohl | Statement
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My art practice has evolved over the years beginning with ceramic objects and jewellery, moving to narrative paintings and shifting to a more free-flowing, permissive exploration in which the focus is on process.

I like to work with an intention, which in itself is a process of clarifying what feels most resonant. I then follow the thread wherever it takes me. It might lead to explorations of memory, views, relationship, habits and desires. I enjoy the interplay of intention and serendipity. The pieces that emerge are a visual representation of this inquiry and are connected through the emergent theme.

Siri Hustvedt, a novelist and essay writer says: ‘In fact, I have discovered that a novel can be written only in play: an open, relaxed, responsive, permissive state of being that allows the work to grow freely.’

Lately I am most interested in learning about the conditions that allow the ‘work to grow freely’. To live an ever more open, relaxed and responsive life – that is where the challenge and pleasure lies.

This way of working integrates what I learned through the study and practice of ceramic, painting, creative and experiential art-practice (Miecat) and my interest in meditation practice, writing, family and travel.

For more on process and life-writing see my blog.